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Invite the ‘Me’ Thoughts to the Presence

Sunday Satsang with Magdi – Jan 25, 2015

Magdi– “All is well in Presence. Impersonal. Not trying to go anywhere. No issues to settle, problems to resolve. The gentle, tender, borderless Prescence that takes no effort. That has no one versus another. That has no me concerns, free-free.

So you can invite whatever arises to that presence to recognize the peace which is not the result of any thinking. Which is not arrived by via any strategy. Which is not something that the mind can grab and make it ‘mine.'”

Me-Anytime there is a “me” or a “my” in the thinking, it is not presence. And whenever there is a “me” or a “my” in the thinking there is a sense of being limited and that something needs to change to be fulfilled.

But that thing or event or condition that “me” or “my” thinks it needs to be fulfilled never is the answer. And the “me” and the “my” will just find something else to find wrong when it gets to this thing that it thought it needed to be fulfilled.

Then once again the “me/my” will reappear and then seek some other thing, or event or condition it feels it needs to have to be fulfilled.  The cycle never stops as long as there is a “me/my” on board.

▼▼This video by Rupert Spira goes on to further explain how seeking fulfillment in ‘things,’ ‘events,’ or ‘conditions’ is not the answer we are looking for▼▼

Rupert – “We’ve been seeking for happiness in objects, or situations, or relationships all our life.

And at some point it dawns on us that happiness is not revealed, is not experienced as a result of acquiring any kind of an object.

At some stage we see that clearly that what we have longed for so deeply all our lives is not going to be delivered by an object.

The love we have longed for all our lives is not going to be delivered by a relationship.

The peace that we longed for is not going to be delivered via a situation.

At some stage we see this very clearly. And as a result of this seeing, our investment in objects and relationships and situations diminishes, decreases.

That is not the same as saying that we cease relating with objects, people. Not at all. We continue to have all kinds of relationships to be involved more or less actively in the world. All these things continue.

But we no longer invest our happiness, our sense of love and peace in them.”


Fireside Chat with Magdi Badawy

On September 29th, 2014, I was lucky enough to be part of a small group having a personal conversation with Magdi Badawy.

The discussion that day focused on a few key aspects about the non-duality of awareness.  The satsang was profound, illiminating, very funny, and even logical all at the same time.  It had a huge impact on me in the moment, and the effects have not been lost.

Below is the video of that conversation.  As usual I will quote the parts of the dialogue that strike me the most, and I will also offer my personal  contemplations of the quoted snippet.

Non Duality: The zero distance of consciousness. Consciousness is everybody and everything

6:46 “Go to this I…You can’t pin it down.”

I think I try to ‘pin  down’ the I…I try to pin down the I and make it an object that “Me” can experience. But this I is not an object that “Me” can experience. The I can notice the “Me”, but the “Me” can’t notice the I.

The “Me” is not an experiencer, the “Me” is an experience.

30:18 “Whenever you are reverting or adopting the ‘I am’ this body-mind…your mind has adopted a very complex program of a zillion things.  And they’re all separate and I’m a separate thing among the zillions things, and I’ve got to maneuver my way through this maze.”

31:06 “As soon as you adopt the position of ‘I am a body-mind’, you’ve immediately downloaded a very complex program that we refer to as ‘separation.’  And this program has been downloaded into your body as well as the ‘me’ sensation.”

Sacred Breadcrumbs

Non duality Satsang: I am mad at God! He lifted the veil and then dropped it again.

If we are lucky, the divine will grace us with glimpses of reality along the path to self realization.  I call these gifts ‘sacred bread crumbs,’ and I write about some of these moments of clarity in this post.

In this video, Magdi tells us how we can honor these divine gifts when we are graced with glimpses into our true nature.

Magdi-“The contemplation of this path will take you home.  The home that you never left.  It will take you there beyond the dream.  Beyond the illusion of being a contained, limited body-mind.”

“That is the divine path.  That is the high road.  The path to the only reality. To the one reality.  The reality of consciousness…The divine reality.  The reality of God.”

Everything else Louise, is a spinning of the mind.  You can spin the mind for 100s of years, it will not take you a step closer to causeless peace and happiness.”

But once you have a revelation to your true nature, and you come unto the teachings…care for them, like you care for a newborn baby, or like you care for a new kitty, or like you care for your guests when you invite them over to your house for dinner.”

“Take good care of the little glitter…like when you are lost in a dark tunnel, and you are groping for a way out.  At some time you perceive a little glitter of light, you focus on that, and you continue to move towards it even thought it remains a glitter.  And in time it takes you to the daylight.”

Or like when you are trying to build a fire and you get a little ember of fire going, you’re very careful with it.  Very gentle with it so it doesn’t go off.  And as you take good care of it, it will be the way in which you ignite the fire.”

Satsang with Magdi 1-13-15 Mid-week Google Hangout

Non duality Satsang: I am mad at God! He lifted the veil and then dropped it again

What To Do With Spiritual Experiences

17:01 “Let go of that memory and stay with the perfume, the flavor…not with the memory. Not the me-I-this, but (with) what has touched you. Something has touched you deeply. Don’t give it to the mind to run with it and to weave all sorts of stories about it. Maintain it in your heart. Maintain the affection, the tender quality…of the experience.”

Soon I hope to be able to post some snippets and videos from the more powerful ‘face-to-face’ Sunday Satsangs with Magdi.

Skipping Stones on the Path

Tonight, while watching another great YouTube video about Awareness and Presence, I started to feel a little unsettled.

Something inside was telling me to stop skipping over stones along the path and to get back to the process of caring for and loving each and every step along the way.

Every single stone encountered wants to be cherished and nurtured until all the contemplations are integrated and assimilated.

So for the next few weeks I am going to stay away from viewing too many videos, and I am going to stick with the practice of gaining balance on the current location until I feel stable and ready to move to the next position.

This last summer I was fortunate enough to find a teacher of non-duality named Magdi Badawy. The best part is he is local to me, and is very generous with his time.

Almost every Sunday Magdi hosts a gathering for Satsong to interested ‘truth lovers’ and friends. Also, mid-week, Magdi often makes himself available on-line, using ‘Google Hangout’ sessions, for additional questions and inquiries.

So my current plan is to allow all that was received during the weekly sharing to sink in and integrate before jumping to the next stepping stone.

And who knows, maybe the next stone I don’t skip is the last stone I ever Land on!

Here is a video of last weeks on-line gathering…

7:06 “There is never more than one thought on deck.”

8:20 “What might be troubling you, behind the scene, is the idea or maybe the feeling that there is some danger…something might occur to you that something is threatening.”

9:37 What is it that’s threatening and what is it that is being threatened?”

No ‘Personal’ Goals

Satsang with Magdi

1:01:37 “self improvement is at the mind level”

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