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Create Google Hangouts Easily

I have created a step by step guide on how to create an “on air” google hangout.

Credit goes to Jason Tucker, whose article Create Google Hangouts quickly with these easy URLs, is where i got the meat of the information posted here.  I just added a few extra steps to help further clarify things.

I only tested this once so if it doesn’t work, hopefully I haven’t wasted too much of your time.

So here goes…

1-click this URL http://hangouts.google.com/onair

2-an “on air” Google Hangout should open in a new browser window.  “on air” Google Hangouts are the type that the moderator can post to Youtube Live stream and/or record for future Youtube uploads

3-bookmark this page for future use.  you can use this URL over and over for Google Hangouts (I think)

4-once the “on air” Google Hangout window opens, navigate your mouse to the address bargoogle hangout3
5-copy and paste the acquired URL

6-through Google+ or email lists, or however you contact people, share the above URL link.  But when you go to paste the link, you want to use the “paste as plain text” option.

google hangout4

7-when you use the “paste as plain text” option, the URL will look something like this
google hangout2
8-if you don’t use the “paste as plain text” option, your email or Google +, or however you share the link, may convert the URL to look like this
google hangout
9-the above link will still work, but it may be confusing to some because it looks like a generic sign-in page, and not a custom Google + Hangout link

10-I think you should be able to use this same link over and over.  People can bookmark the link and join anytime you are having a discussion.  I have not tested this much at all, so I am not sure how all the Youtube stream commands work when you stop one session and start another with the same URL…but i think it should work just fine 🙂

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