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Beliefs are a Band-Aid

Francis Lucille – Nonduality 5 of 16 – Life Is A School

10:16 “…beliefs are an escape, an evasion. So there is no cure for the hopelessness there either…its just a band-aid put on this mortal wound that we are afflicted with.”

10:57 “There is a way out of it…the Buddha said that – paraphrase – ‘the cause of suffering is identification with being separate body minds.’ The way out of it is to realize that this identification is gratuitous, is optional, has no experiential basis.”


Francis Lucille – How Does It Feel To Know You Are Consciousness?

sense of “lack” is replaced with life loving peace

1m28s “this sense of lack in the background that lingers.  this sense…that something is not right in the background that something is missing. this sense of impending doom in the background, has been replaced with peace.  but with happy peace.  content peace.   exciting peace in that sense of eager peace. enthusiastic peace.  life loving peace.”

Francis Lucille – The Teaching is the Silent Transmission

12:10 “thought can not transcend itself. thought can only remain within the realm of thought.”

Francis Lucille – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

this video is full of fantastic gems!

16:33 “the problem is when we say ‘the wave experiences.’  the wave doesn’t experience.  consciousness experiences the wave.”

48:21 “you think.  but thoughts don’t think. thoughts are thought. therefor you are not a thought. you are not the I thought.”

-i will add more gems as i go back and listen again and again…

The Individual Self is a Machine – A Machine Has No Life

This is a fantastic video by Francis Lucille, The Sacred Act of Perception, explaining why life seems so “lifeless” when we are focused on the individual self, the “machine” self.

3:38 “Only the higher self has the power to perceive. The lower self, and the lower selves, only have the power to transmit, but not to perceive.”

7:04 “That’s why perceiving is higher than transmitting. Transmitting is for the machine. Perceiving is for life, that which is alive.”

…and this video by Ken Wilbur,  when quoting Patanjali, suggests that the individual self is a machine as well.

4:07  ” It’s a case a colossal mistaken identity and as Patanjali said, ‘Ignorance is the identification of the seer with the instruments of seeing’…”

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