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God often uses subtle clues to point us towards the the truth of ourselves.  The Infinite also has some ‘not-so-subtle’ methods to get us on the right path.

This post is about one of those ‘not-so-subtle’ pointers.

Long ago, after a couple of years of non stop “spiritual” seeking, studying, etc. I drove to a job appointment and it went really well. I told myself that it went well due to my seeking and achieving spiritual platitudes.

As I drove away down the road, I was all proud of myself and my personal achievement.

Ahead, the traffic light turned red, and I pulled behind the car in front of me. The cars bumper was so shiny it was like a mirror. And in that mirror I saw my car license plate reflected back at me.  This is what it read.



My car license plate, reflected backwards and in reverse order, read DIEMORE.  

The message was loud and clear. The message was, “Let go of feeling like you have any ‘personal’ achievement.  Let go of taking credit for anything.  Die more to anything you think ‘you’ achieve.  A higher power ‘does’ it all and the I, the person, can’t take credit for any of it.”

But this was still early in the journey and at that time I didn’t totally understand what it meant.  Flash forward about 10 years…

On thanksgiving 2014 I was driving to a friends house for a Holiday visit.  On the highway to his house, I saw another license plate that grabbed my attention.  This time the license plate was on a car I was passing to the right.

Here is an image of the car…

dodilee b

and a close-up of the license plate.

dodilee c


I dont know if I mentioned it, but my first name is Lee.  The license plate reads:


This time I understood exactly what the message meant.

Now, in all the non-dual activities I engage in be it watching videos, being in Satsong, conversations, personal ponderings, and plain daily life, I always make an effort to remember to allow the individual “me” to DIE as much as possible.

This past weekend during a non-dual gathering with Lisa Cairnes at One Circle, I actually mourned the loss of some of that individual…and at the end of the event there was a lightness and joy that I cant begin to describe 🙂

See this post for more about the incredible non-dual gathering with Lisa Cairnes.

“no individuals” & “both-and” can coexist

-under construction-

some non-dual speakers say that there is no one here doing anything (Lisa Cairnes, Tony Parsons).  these speakers say that there is no individual free will and that everything is just happening with no individual actually doing anything.

other speakers say that we are “both/and.” they say that “we” are both the oneness of the universe and at the same time we are separate individuals with some personal choice and expression (Tim Freke).

but why can’t non-duality and non non-duality both exist simultaneously?  they both exist just as the ‘oneness of everything’ and the apparent ‘separate individual’ can coexist simultaneously.

all the different perspectives of what this “thing” is that we all seek, there is room for all the different viewpoints.  the speakers who have found the truth, can all speak about it from their unique perspective.

and each individual’s unique perspective is the mind’s translation of the oneness.  the mind is object, the mind is form.

when one awakens to their true nature, the mind does not stop working.  the mind actually starts to take on its intended role as a tool to experience and explore.  a tool for expression and sharing.

when one awakens there is a recognition that their true nature is not the mind.  the mind becomes something that is used and experienced, and the idea that we ARE the mind no longer exists.

the mind is what tries to translate the truth.  just as language of other cultures can be translated, the truth of the original message is translated by the mind.  and in all translation, much of the original meaning is lost.  and when it comes to describing oneness, virtually all of the original meaning is lost.

so there is room for all the different perspectives of truth, even coming from the so called “enlightened” ones who live this truth.

the truth of who we are is truth.  the ways we try to describe this truth are as varied as there are apparent individuals.

no self to wake up

if the individual self really is just a thought, and there is no actual individual self, then that means that the individual self can’t “do” anything to get there.

and if there is no individual self, then the individual self never has “done” anything ever.  how could something that does not exist “do” anything?

so all the “doing” that is actually done, is done by awareness, or done by the universe, or done by…dare is say, God!?

so those speakers like Tony Parsons, that say “nothing can be done by the individual to get to self realization” are right.  they are right because there is no individual self there doing anything anyway.

but they are wrong too because if doing is being done, it is god doing it and not the individual doing it.  so anything done to try to realize our true nature is done by God.

so, it is true that individual i’s can’t do anything to get there.  but ‘efforting’ to get there is not a waste of time because it is God ‘efforting’ to get there.

God surely can recognize itself if God wants to, right?

why don’t they teach this in kindergarten?

8:28 Rupert Spira: “I remember when it first dawned on me…’something is aware of my experience.’  I remember this feeling of outrage that I wasn’t told this when I was 5 years old.”

me – when i started to learn about awareness and consciousness, i wondered why these teaching are not taught in kindergarten too.  these teachings are the key to the everything we seek directly!

we waste our time in school trying to learn things, so that will can get to a place that we can acquire things that make us happy.

but these teachings show us the direct path to happiness without having to obtain anything!

the destruction of the path that leads to nowhere

IMG_1518 (650x650)


there is no path and it leads to nowhere…

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