the destruction of the path that leads to nowhere

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there is no path and it leads to nowhere…

Francis Lucille – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

this video is full of fantastic gems!

16:33 “the problem is when we say ‘the wave experiences.’  the wave doesn’t experience.  consciousness experiences the wave.”

48:21 “you think.  but thoughts don’t think. thoughts are thought. therefor you are not a thought. you are not the I thought.”

-i will add more gems as i go back and listen again and again…

Rupert Spira – How Do I Know Consciousness is Universal, Infinite and Unlimited?

This is a very clear sharing.  Rupert Spira takes the mystery out of the experience of awareness.  It is not mystical, it is logical actually.  But it cant be ‘seen’ with the intellect.

why don’t they teach this in kindergarten?

8:28 Rupert Spira: “I remember when it first dawned on me…’something is aware of my experience.’  I remember this feeling of outrage that I wasn’t told this when I was 5 years old.”

me – when i started to learn about awareness and consciousness, i wondered why these teaching are not taught in kindergarten too.  these teachings are the key to the everything we seek directly!

we waste our time in school trying to learn things, so that will can get to a place that we can acquire things that make us happy.

but these teachings show us the direct path to happiness without having to obtain anything!

ashamed to tell people i read ‘The Power of Now’

in the early days of seeking for the solution for the dilemma of being a person, i initially turned to psychology.  i thought i could un-cover all my demons through hard work and determination and come out the other side happy and content.

well it didn’t take long to realize that psychoanalysis and trying to uncover my “inner demons” was a bottomless pit leading to nowhere. every time i seemed to uncover hidden aspects that were “buried” deep inside, it opened two more doors to even deeper and deeper issues.  (i realize now that the individual self is inherently dis-content and no matter how much we try to fix that self, the individual will still be discontent and seeking happiness elsewhere).

but i still knew that i had to keep trying something, keep trying to figure it out.  i knew humans were not meant to suffer and i knew that there had to be a solution out there somewhere.

luckily, somehow i stumbled across the idea to read the book The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, and it completely changed my life. (more about the book here)

in those days i was ashamed to admit i had issues and didn’t want people to know i was reading self help books.  i didn’t want people to know i was ‘flawed.’ i especially didn’t want people knowing i was reading “spiritual” books.

i was in a new relationship at the time, and during idle conversation she asked me what books i was reading.  i didn’t want to look like i was flawed so i didn’t tell her i was reading The Power of Now at first.  but a few days later i decided that if she was someone i was going to spend more time with, i should open up a little and admit that i read this book, so i did.

she didn’t have much reaction on the surface, but at the time i was worried that she was judging me negatively.  i was afraid to talk to her for two weeks after that. the story in my head was she concluded that i was crazy, or defective, or weird.

once i got up the courage to return her calls, i discovered that it was no big deal at all, and that she actually had a positive reaction to me reading The Power of Now.

we ended up dating for about a year, but as it turns out she had quite a few demons of her own, and the relationship ended quite abruptly.  (see this page about relationship and how it is the ultimate guru to discovering one’s true nature)

looking back it is crazy how much anxiety i had going on in my head day and night over the silly idea that she was judging me for reading a particular book

even many years later, i still have no identification with being a “spiritual” person.  but i no longer am ashamed to tell people the books i read or the “spiritual” experiences i have.  but i don’t call the experiences “spiritual.”  the word “spiritual” can mean too many things to too many people.

as a matter of fact i don’t even like the word “spiritual.”  i am just someone trying to find happiness.  and i am someone who realizes that this happiness can not be found outside of myself.

-will be updated-

thank god for dogs!

after watching this video i realized that if it weren’t for dogs in this world, i would not have known what love was in the lost years.  even at my darkest, loneliest, most anxious, ‘tired of being a personal me’ times, dogs always allowed the love to shine through. seriously, for years i felt no love and didn’t even know what love was…except for when i interacted with a dog.

thank god for the silent transmission of love that dogs emit loud and clear!

this video almost makes me want to cry tears of love 🙂

cute dog eating

the individual i is like a dog begging for food

disclaimer – the following is just a metaphor.  i am a dog lover and i would never want my dog to wonder off and leave me 🙂

but,  it is almost as if the little i, the sense of the individual self that gets hurt and offended, is like a dog begging for food.  if i feed that dog (allow the sense of self to get angry and react), that dog will keep coming around to beg for more.  if i ignore that dog and do not give him treats, that dog will leave and search elsewhere for food.  at first that dog may come back occasionally and beg again. but eventually that dog will learn there is no food here and it will wonder off for good.

again, i am a serious dog lover, so don’t get the impression that i want my dog to leave…but i do feel this is a great metaphor for the process of not feeding the sense of the individual i. which then leads to the ‘individual i sense’ to wonder off in search for food.  and what is then revealed is more and more of our true natural self 🙂


“please feed me and i will keep reminding you of all the transgressions against you!”

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