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Interesting Tree I Ran Across Today

round tree

Cinnamon for Reactive Hypoglycemia

CinnamonFor most of my life I did not realize this, but I have come to find out through research and observation that my body has a hard time processing sugar.  It seems that my body has a negative reaction to foods with a high glycemic load.

Eating candy, white bread, most pasta ,and even many types of fruit, seem to cause the body to have an insulin rush and subsequent Low Blood Sugar Type symptoms…commonly known as Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Almost immediately after eating sugary food or snacks, I can feel my adrenaline rise and my heart pound.  I get nervous, tense, irritable, and anxious.  My body seems to go into fight or flight mode.

My brain starts to get a little fuzzy, and my mind starts to shut down. I can suddenly get very sleepy and have an urgent need to lie down.  This is especially dangerous when driving my car.

Recently I began experimenting with taking cinnamon in hopes of alleviating the Reactive Hypoglycemia symptoms.

I am here to report that it is working!

No adrenaline rush, no mind fuzz, no anxiousness, and no need to lie down after consuming sugary foods and snacks.

I am not sure of the technical reasons why it works for this body, but it is clear that cinnamon definitely helps the cells absorb and utilize sugar in a beneficial way.

I don’t plan on becoming a junk food junkie or anything, but at least I now have  a solution if I know I will be eating in a way that would previously have knocked me for a loop.

Just wanted to share in case anyone has similar issue…

Waking Up In Free Fall

freefallI am finding that the business of releasing the “me” can be somewhat scary at times.

When silence arrives I often find myself inspired to act on an intuition or urge that ordinarily I would not follow…or even notice.

But sometimes after I take that leap into the abyss, the “me” rushes back in and it is as if I suddenly find myself in free fall.

This is terrifying for the “me” to wake up and find itself in places it avoided previously.

My job when this happens is to once again ignore the “me” and trust that the process is happening exactly how it is supposed to.

Even if things turn out in a fashion the “me” does not find preferable, I still must have faith that the universe is taking care of all the details and that everything is OK just as it is.

Silence is Love

Jack Kerouac

What is Reality Anyway?

silence has found me

echoes from emptiness

This poem was originally posted on one of my other blogs in 2009. During some cyber housekeeping I found it again and it spoke to me with the same intensity expressed six years ago. It wants to be shared here on ‘the echoes’. With love.

Johann Heinrich Füssli - The Silence

silence has found me

its ruthless simplicity
has culled the clutter
from closets
I never knew existed
in the corridors of my brain

its unstoppable tide
has drowned the demon
that danced through my days,
control, adjust, fix!

its throbbing roar
has muted the mutterings
of protest,
the pleas for reprieve,
from the screaming ‘me-me!’ myth

its yawning vastness
has swallowed whole
the impostor who once laid claim
to this luminous lifestream:
t i m e

its perfect love
has melted all that I took
to be me
in its crucible of fiery

and the receptors in these cells
heard the words

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Satsang with Magdi 2-7-15 Mid-Week Google Hangout

Non duality Hangout: How does awareness relate to sensations and sounds?

Where Does Sensation Arise?

The following is a snippet from a mid-week Satsang with Magdi on Google Hangouts. Clear guidance is shared to help me recognize the truth of who I am in relation to my current understanding. The quoted suggestions will be my “practice” until I am inspired by the next contemplation.

16:27 Magdi – “Ask yourself, ‘where does sensations arise?’ Because from my understanding, you’re ok right now, you’re comfortable with perception…ask yourself ‘Where does sensation arise?’ Just stay with that question. When a sensation arises or as you’re contemplating ask yourself ‘where does it arise?’

Also ask yourself ‘what is the depth of the sensation?’ Also ask yourself ‘what is the width, the height, the density, the viscosity, the weight, of a sensation?’ Ask yourself ‘where does the sensation start and where does it end, and it what direction does it travel.’

But you have to ask yourself these question while you are looking at your experience. Not an intellectual question, you have to bring these questions to the sensation itself as you are contemplating the sensation.”

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