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for most of my life i was suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person. just trying to get along in the world.

i tried to achieve success in all the traditional ways, and for the most part, succeeded. i had all the ‘things’ society says will make us happy and content…

i had a job most would admire-many skills people long for-a house people loved-all the friends one could wish for-enough money to be comfortable-physical well being-and a loving family. everything we are taught will bring us happiness!

yet i felt terrible, lonely, isolated, and lost…


something was missing and initially i had no idea what…

until i found the teachings that point us back to our true nature – the teachings that point to the non-dual aspect of ourselves, free from suffering from the dilemma of being an individual person separate and alone in the world.

some call these teachings “being aware of awareness”, or “being in the now”, and dare i say “spiritual” teachings (i don’t like to call it spiritual because that is a loaded term).

through these teachings there comes a realization that nothing “out there” is the answer to what we seek.  no possession, no money, no job, not even others love is the answer to what we all yearn for.

what we come to recognize is that the answer to what we seek is found within, and that it has always been there, just waiting for us to turn our attention towards it.

we realize we ARE what we seek! and that we have been looking “out there,” in the world of forms away from it and have missed it all along.

once we turn our attention back toward ourselves, what we have always sought, is found!


i originally created this blog so i could have a place to keep personal notes and reflections of the journey.  along the way i came across many many great ideas, videos, learnings, books, notes, etc.  so now i kind of use this site as a repository and journal for all the information and learnings i have obtained along the way.

but in actuality, information and knowledge can get in the way of self realization.  knowledge and learnings help us ‘wake up’ to the ideas of truth,  but there comes a point when the information has to be dropped in order to recognize the truth.

The truth can not be known, it has to be experienced.

if you want to get an idea of the stepping stones along the path, start from the very beginning.

or you can choose to land on any random page.

-this page is under construction

-i will update this soon-

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