No Rules or “Shoulds”

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There is no one specific way to act in any potential given moment. There are no “rules” to how we have to be, even though we are taught that there are.

Religion and society impose rules on us to keep us in line. And maybe there was a place for that at one point. But we are waking up to a new truth now.

When more and more layers of the “me/ego” are recognized and allowed to fall away, a deeper knowing starts to emerge.

When we begin to align with this knowing, correct action is revealed moment to moment.

And I don’t mean not thinking at all, I mean not believing the “me/ego.” Ignoring the* “me/ego” that thinks its in control of the universe.

Allowing the moment to reveal what is to be done, when whatever appears in the now , is the only way that works every time.

This “in-the-moment” inspired action is always kind compassionate and loving. But sometimes when the circumstance call for it, the response may appear unkind, harsh, or bad to some…and these people can have their opinions and that is fine too.

But I trust this process and it makes things very simple in regards to what I “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing or how I “should” or “shouldn’t” be acting.

Our words actions and behaviors can piss people off either way, so might as well go the path of least resistance.

The “me/ego” will not agree with this view because it thinks life will tumble out of control…but its a lie.

Life has been doing it ALL all along anyway…not the “me/ego.”


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  1. Good post. Enjoyed!


  2. Now that I have your address I will follow. Ego


  3. Amazing stuff, and something that I am feeling more fully connected to which is the disconnection of the ego and an attachment to life’s ability to autocorrect as we move from moment to moment. Great read on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thanks pal, Harlon


  4. I agree. Great post about an important topic, Lee.
    For me, the intuition which tells me what to do is best accessible when I am at peace. But when there is fearful frantic thinking, then it is not accessible so easily.

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    • very true, but the fear is what we have to not believe, in the moment of fear, we have to ignore it, see it…and when you ignore the fear, then more of that elusive peace naturally arises. ignore what the fear is telling us what to do, but not repress it either. the fear needs food and if you dont feed it by making it real, it dissipates. We all have that intuition when at peace. and this is the end result of not feeding the “in-the-moment” fear.

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  5. Viking Queen

    It is unusual these days to find folk who are not becoming aware of the nasty ‘little me’ syndrome. You are correct when you say that fear is the main factor. People are always asking me if I am afraid when I sail alone, to which my answer is ‘yes, of course.’ However, the way one deals with it is all important. Does it paralyse or invigorate? To me, it can be transmuted into ‘creative fuel’, and is thus, valuable. The joy of being alive is transcending the dual, creating that dynamic ‘oneness’.


  6. Viking Queen, I know that you do that. This is why I consider you a Huge inspiration to me. You look fear in the face and laugh. Not only with sailing but traveling the world and all. Its a beautiful thing to see. I am so proud of you and I am thankful because I consider you a teacher of mine. 🙂

    Viking Queen, By the way, I know you are very busy but maybe some time (no rush) I would love to hear how you turn fear into “creative fuel.” Because fear for me it can drain my energy if I dont catch onto its little tricks, and if I could transmute into fuel, I may leave the earths orbit 🙂


  7. Great post, Lee. I liked your observation that you piss people off, anyway. It’s good to get that goal of being perceived positively by all beings in all times right off the table. There’s a freedom we have to gift ourselves with in order to experience what you are describing here, and I find I go in and out of it. It’s like we have to be willing to cease altogether our assessments of how we’re doing… Like setting across the ocean without that map or instruments to track our progress. It’s a very different mindset to settle into, isn’t it!?


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  8. Absolutely Michael! This “awakening” or “enlightnement” or dare i say “spirituality” is not a religion like many people perceive it to be. enlightenment has nothing to do with behavior actually. I mean it is natural to behave better when layers of me/ego are shed but if life wants to be harsh and even angry, it will. Many have preconceived notions of what enlightenment is. I did too, until it started to be seen/realized ( I am in and out of it like you too but getting to a point that when we are out, it is still it).

    It is true about sailing without a map. scary as hell for mind, but life is so easy and relaxed if done that way.



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