Tulip Poplar Manifestation

Old-Growth-Tulip-Poplar_1I started to write this story a few days ago to share an interesting account about manifestion.

I have been having a hard time with the process of writing lately, so I was gonna put my report on the shelf for a while until I felt the flow return.

This morning I found a blog post from Karin, “Be Careful What You Wish For”, detailing a very similar situation that happened to her.

Since Karin’s story is so similar, I feel inspired to finish it and post, so here goes.

There is a nice park near where I live that my dogs and I walk nearly every day.  This park has these tall majestic trees that branch out way at the top and form a canopy from the sun.  The trunk is very straight and clean, with virtually no other branches.

The high canopy provides shade from the harshest sun rays while the branch-less trunk allows early and late sun light to reach the soil below, allowing growth of grass and plant life.

I do not have a garage, so I decided I wanted to plant one of these trees in my yard to eventually provide shade for my car, while simultaneously allowing my grass to flourish.

I didn’t know what kind of tree it was, but the leaf was very distinct. I figured it would not be hard to find a sapling, so I journeyed off the trail in search of a miniature “canopy” tree to transplant to my yard.

Well, to make a long story short, I searched high and low and could not locate a dwarf tree.  I mean I searched for hours until I finally had to give up.

After three consecutive days of searching the woods, I concluded that babies of this type of tree must have different looking leaves.

So I got on Google to try to determine what type of tree it was. Through research I found out the tree was named a Tulip Poplar. I also found out that the seedlings had leaves exactly like the mature tree.

Learning that theTinyTulipPoplarLeaf-709011 leaves were the same, I figured if there were a little Tulip poplar in the woods, I would have already found one. So I went ahead a purchased one to plant in my yard. After I finished the transplant process, and was happy with how it looked, I went about my business. As we tend to do, I totally put my mind on some other apparent pressing issue and forgot all about the Tulip Poplar adventure.

Well, a few days later, as I was walking in the park with the dogs as my routine, I glanced over and saw what looked like a baby Tulip Poplar. I could not believe how I could have missed it because it was right near the trail I walked nearly every day.

At first I was a little upset that I went out and bought one, but then I remembered that this was how it works with manifestation. We have to forget about getting what we want and let go of the actual wanting , before what we think we want will show up. So I left the tree where it lay to admire on another day.

PoplarNow this is where its gets really crazy. A few days later I started to do some spring mulching in my front bushes. As I was clearing the old leaves, there was what I thought was initially a weed growing up. As I grabbed this weed to pull, I suddenly realized it was a baby Tulip Poplar! Right in my own yard! I was astonished, with a huge grin on my face.

All of this was incredible enough, but there is more. A few days later, as I was cutting my grass, I looked own and noticed there was baby Tulip poplar growing? I mean right in the grass! I thought these trees were some delicate thing that rarely survived in the wild, yet I find one growing right in my front yard! This was hilarious.


But the most insane thing happened a few weeks later. I started noticing weeds growing in the cracks of my sidewalk entry way. As I bent over to pull these invaders, would you believe I found a little baby Tulip Poplar growing through the cement crack? Right at my front door!? Ahahahahah!

Manifestation , its real. But I should also mention, manifestation does not gives us what we all REALLY want. But it sure is interesting and fun!

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  1. Great story, Lee! We seem to be sitting in the same classroom. That is so funny.

    Now I know why I felt inspired to reblog this story today.

    We have a tulip poplar in our backyard. But I have never seen any baby tulip trees around. The tree takes a while to grow. I don’t know how many decades you want to wait until you will get shadow for your car. Maybe it is good that you didn’t start with a baby tree.

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    • That is another thing I like about these trees. They can grow really fast in direct sunlight. The one I planted originally is already providing some shade and is over 10 feet tall. One of the other ones I found I planted in the shady corner, and it is only 3 feet tall. Amazing trees! And I can plant them very close to fence because they don’t get real wide until they are ancient!

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  2. Hilarious, BP! It leads me to consider the fact that manifestation is at least as much of an awakening to what is already around us as it is the development of something that previously did not exist. In my frame of mind today, I’m inclined to think it has nothing to do with creating that which did not previously exist, and everything to do with a heartfelt recognition of what has always been… with our finding the inner stance in which we are able to receive it…

    I’m also intrigued by your closing comment, that manifesting does not provide us what we REALLy want. I’m assuming you mean something along the lines of peace or the abiding sensation of fulfillment, but would be curious if you might elaborate…?

    Enjoyed this very much-

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    • Hi Michael. Who knows how it really works with manifestation right? I mean this could all just be some dream and things can manifest instantaneously when we align with it.

      But manifestation is not what we all really want. What we all really want is the unconditional outpouring, the silent emission of love that reflects back to us in everything!

      We initially think we want “stuff” to make us happy or content etc. But when we can be that for no reason, all we ever wanted is already here. Then things will manifest even faster, but we don’t need them.

      That is the paradox. When we think we need things to be happy, they will be tougher to get. When we don’t need anything and have all we want within, we will not be able to hold back all the stuff that we manifest that we used to think we needed…LOL

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      • You said it! I resonate very much with your sentiments here, and am continuously fascinated by the extent to which the way back to the beginning is so consistently paved with irony… 🙂


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