Waking Up In Free Fall

freefallI am finding that the business of releasing the “me” can be somewhat scary at times.

When silence arrives I often find myself inspired to act on an intuition or urge that ordinarily I would not follow…or even notice.

But sometimes after I take that leap into the abyss, the “me” rushes back in and it is as if I suddenly find myself in free fall.

This is terrifying for the “me” to wake up and find itself in places it avoided previously.

My job when this happens is to once again ignore the “me” and trust that the process is happening exactly how it is supposed to.

Even if things turn out in a fashion the “me” does not find preferable, I still must have faith that the universe is taking care of all the details and that everything is OK just as it is.

About beliefpatrol

just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. Thanks for sharing these thougts, Lee. That resonates with me. The behavior does become different when it is triggered by Source. I’ve found that it is less fear based. So, I’ll often find myself saying things which I did not dare to say before. Often stuff that goes against the grain of society. That does raise some eyebrows .
    Also, I am often at peace where others feel that one should not be at peace.
    This feels odd at first. Even for myself.

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    • Karin, absolutely. I have always gone against the grain too, but didn’t always verbalize it. You are flying though, It took me a while to shake some of the layers off. I remember near the beginning, I did the Sedona method over some fears I had with my family. For a week I was terrified. But it all resolved and now I don’t even think about those things I used to fear. This journey is crazy, and amazing 🙂

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  2. I remind myself of the same thing essentially. I tell myself, that everything is exactly as it should be at this very moment. Even when I don’t like how things are going:-)

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    • Hi Destination… I saw some of your video and will watch more later. I think you are brave in doing what you feel is right, no matter what. It is amazing how the fears I had when i wrote this blog entry are just non-existent now. of course there are new ones to replace them but they aren’t as scary or intense. the ones i had relative to this post are ancient history now…this is a beautiful magical journey we are on huh??!!

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      • For sure! I love what you just said about how the fears are non-existent now. I feel the same way about expressing my true self. I think it is because the judgment I thought I would face was really a reflection of me judging myself. As I continue to express myself I feel free and less scared and I realize that it is because I am embracing who I am and dropping the judgment. A beautiful, magical journey indeed:-)

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      • perfectly said Destination…that is exacty what it was, self judgement. Turns out EVERYTHING is self generated. every single little thing is self generated. Beautiful!!

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