Satsang with Magdi 2-7-15 Mid-Week Google Hangout

Non duality Hangout: How does awareness relate to sensations and sounds?

Where Does Sensation Arise?

The following is a snippet from a mid-week Satsang with Magdi on Google Hangouts. Clear guidance is shared to help me recognize the truth of who I am in relation to my current understanding. The quoted suggestions will be my “practice” until I am inspired by the next contemplation.

16:27 Magdi – “Ask yourself, ‘where does sensations arise?’ Because from my understanding, you’re ok right now, you’re comfortable with perception…ask yourself ‘Where does sensation arise?’ Just stay with that question. When a sensation arises or as you’re contemplating ask yourself ‘where does it arise?’

Also ask yourself ‘what is the depth of the sensation?’ Also ask yourself ‘what is the width, the height, the density, the viscosity, the weight, of a sensation?’ Ask yourself ‘where does the sensation start and where does it end, and it what direction does it travel.’

But you have to ask yourself these question while you are looking at your experience. Not an intellectual question, you have to bring these questions to the sensation itself as you are contemplating the sensation.”


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