Invite the ‘Me’ Thoughts to the Presence

Sunday Satsang with Magdi – Jan 25, 2015

Magdi– “All is well in Presence. Impersonal. Not trying to go anywhere. No issues to settle, problems to resolve. The gentle, tender, borderless Prescence that takes no effort. That has no one versus another. That has no me concerns, free-free.

So you can invite whatever arises to that presence to recognize the peace which is not the result of any thinking. Which is not arrived by via any strategy. Which is not something that the mind can grab and make it ‘mine.'”

Me-Anytime there is a “me” or a “my” in the thinking, it is not presence. And whenever there is a “me” or a “my” in the thinking there is a sense of being limited and that something needs to change to be fulfilled.

But that thing or event or condition that “me” or “my” thinks it needs to be fulfilled never is the answer. And the “me” and the “my” will just find something else to find wrong when it gets to this thing that it thought it needed to be fulfilled.

Then once again the “me/my” will reappear and then seek some other thing, or event or condition it feels it needs to have to be fulfilled.  The cycle never stops as long as there is a “me/my” on board.

▼▼This video by Rupert Spira goes on to further explain how seeking fulfillment in ‘things,’ ‘events,’ or ‘conditions’ is not the answer we are looking for▼▼

Rupert – “We’ve been seeking for happiness in objects, or situations, or relationships all our life.

And at some point it dawns on us that happiness is not revealed, is not experienced as a result of acquiring any kind of an object.

At some stage we see that clearly that what we have longed for so deeply all our lives is not going to be delivered by an object.

The love we have longed for all our lives is not going to be delivered by a relationship.

The peace that we longed for is not going to be delivered via a situation.

At some stage we see this very clearly. And as a result of this seeing, our investment in objects and relationships and situations diminishes, decreases.

That is not the same as saying that we cease relating with objects, people. Not at all. We continue to have all kinds of relationships to be involved more or less actively in the world. All these things continue.

But we no longer invest our happiness, our sense of love and peace in them.”

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  1. Thank you for this…no nagging was involved in the process…but a nice grounding read and an attentive nod were a nice by-product. Thank you! Peace, Harlon



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