Fireside Chat with Magdi Badawy

On September 29th, 2014, I was lucky enough to be part of a small group having a personal conversation with Magdi Badawy.

The discussion that day focused on a few key aspects about the non-duality of awareness.  The satsang was profound, illiminating, very funny, and even logical all at the same time.  It had a huge impact on me in the moment, and the effects have not been lost.

Below is the video of that conversation.  As usual I will quote the parts of the dialogue that strike me the most, and I will also offer my personal  contemplations of the quoted snippet.

Non Duality: The zero distance of consciousness. Consciousness is everybody and everything

6:46 “Go to this I…You can’t pin it down.”

I think I try to ‘pin  down’ the I…I try to pin down the I and make it an object that “Me” can experience. But this I is not an object that “Me” can experience. The I can notice the “Me”, but the “Me” can’t notice the I.

The “Me” is not an experiencer, the “Me” is an experience.

30:18 “Whenever you are reverting or adopting the ‘I am’ this body-mind…your mind has adopted a very complex program of a zillion things.  And they’re all separate and I’m a separate thing among the zillions things, and I’ve got to maneuver my way through this maze.”

31:06 “As soon as you adopt the position of ‘I am a body-mind’, you’ve immediately downloaded a very complex program that we refer to as ‘separation.’  And this program has been downloaded into your body as well as the ‘me’ sensation.”

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