God often uses subtle clues to point us towards the the truth of ourselves.  The Infinite also has some ‘not-so-subtle’ methods to get us on the right path.

This post is about one of those ‘not-so-subtle’ pointers.

Long ago, after a couple of years of non stop “spiritual” seeking, studying, etc. I drove to a job appointment and it went really well. I told myself that it went well due to my seeking and achieving spiritual platitudes.

As I drove away down the road, I was all proud of myself and my personal achievement.

Ahead, the traffic light turned red, and I pulled behind the car in front of me. The cars bumper was so shiny it was like a mirror. And in that mirror I saw my car license plate reflected back at me.  This is what it read.



My car license plate, reflected backwards and in reverse order, read DIEMORE.  

The message was loud and clear. The message was, “Let go of feeling like you have any ‘personal’ achievement.  Let go of taking credit for anything.  Die more to anything you think ‘you’ achieve.  A higher power ‘does’ it all and the I, the person, can’t take credit for any of it.”

But this was still early in the journey and at that time I didn’t totally understand what it meant.  Flash forward about 10 years…

On thanksgiving 2014 I was driving to a friends house for a Holiday visit.  On the highway to his house, I saw another license plate that grabbed my attention.  This time the license plate was on a car I was passing to the right.

Here is an image of the car…

dodilee b

and a close-up of the license plate.

dodilee c


I dont know if I mentioned it, but my first name is Lee.  The license plate reads:


This time I understood exactly what the message meant.

Now, in all the non-dual activities I engage in be it watching videos, being in Satsong, conversations, personal ponderings, and plain daily life, I always make an effort to remember to allow the individual “me” to DIE as much as possible.

This past weekend during a non-dual gathering with Lisa Cairnes at One Circle, I actually mourned the loss of some of that individual…and at the end of the event there was a lightness and joy that I cant begin to describe 🙂

See this post for more about the incredible non-dual gathering with Lisa Cairnes.

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just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Wonderful story!
    Yes, these signs of communication do occur. I can relate to that. And I admire the ingenious teaching methods of Source.

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  2. I love this post! All sings pointed to me not getting another soul-destroying office job back in December when I lost mine. All signs led to writing more. God shows us the door. We must have the courage to walk through it ourselves. Thank you for sharing and for following!

    Dani xx

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  3. This is such a great story. Can I reblog this?

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  4. Reblogged this on Spiritual Awakening and commented:
    Here is a wonderful story by Lee about divine guidance which illustrates many aspects of the spiritual journey. If you write comments, please post them to the original thread on beliefpatrol.wordpress.com.

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  5. Rev. Joseph Kilgus

    Wow, very cool!


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  7. Dodilee Patalinghug

    Hi! I came upon your blog by searching my name in Google Images. -My name is DODILEE! haha! What a great find! What country are you from? And where did you find this license plate? I’m very curious. 🙂

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