The Practice That CAN Be Done

The Practice That CAN Be Done

Many of the non-duality speakers say that there is nothing the individual can do to help one reach the state of oneness. Many teachers say it is mainly a mystery how it happens and that the individual, because it doesn’t actually exist, really doesn’t do anything at all, let alone DO awakening.

But the experience for ‘me’ has been that some of what I seem to do, often does actually help me rise above the individual problems that we can entangle ourselves in.

The ‘practice’ I have done and have suggested to others in times of clarity is to just notice when your ego/pain body/mortal mind is running away with you.

Just notice the dysfunctional aspect of ourselves and watch how it may actually even like to get involved with drama and chaos.

Don’t even try to change anything and simply view the mechanisms of the dysfunctional ego.

My experience is that when I notice the ego play its destructive games, even for a split second, then I am not IN the drama any more. I separate out of the drama and am at least temporarily not hooked in the game of dysfunction.

I am actually pretty amazed how effective even a split second of recognition can help resolve the situation (It may actually not even be the ‘little me’ that does this technique, but it seems like it is).

Of course it is real easy to slip back into mind ego games and lose myself once again in the chaos, but it seems to get slightly easier each time I am aware enough to do this little exercise.

Again, many non-dual speakers do not advocate practice of any kind. But today while checking out YouTube, I stumbled across this video by Karen Richards which directly corroborates this little practice of mine.

After viewing this video I feel even more motivated to continue this “watching” any time I remember to do so.

About Practice / KAREN RICHARDS

2:45 “I think the only practice, if we want to be committed, is recognition of our true self”
3:21 ” So really, the only helpful practice as I see it, is to actually recognize yourself irrespective of what may be happening.  And that doesn’t mean that you have to segregate the experience.  ‘Right I’ve got to meditate or I’ve got to go into some kind of special state and actually recognize it.’  You can do it while you’re eating your lunch or while you’re brushing your teeth…Focus beyond the experience, beyond what is seen, to the seer.  A subtle switch in focus, which experientially seems to have a profound effect on peace in the human experience.”

And this video too, speaks about the ‘recognition’ of the mind games and how it is something that may helpful.

Trust Your Recognition / KAREN RICHARDS

AND, this one too 🙂

Primordial Awareness / KAREN RICHARDS

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  1. I think the non-dualists are trying to say that there’s nothing you can do to start it. Although, once it begins – whether it feels like a draw towards it, a pull from it, or a dive right in – there are things that seem to help us adjust.



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