Sacred Breadcrumbs

Non duality Satsang: I am mad at God! He lifted the veil and then dropped it again.

If we are lucky, the divine will grace us with glimpses of reality along the path to self realization.  I call these gifts ‘sacred bread crumbs,’ and I write about some of these moments of clarity in this post.

In this video, Magdi tells us how we can honor these divine gifts when we are graced with glimpses into our true nature.

Magdi-“The contemplation of this path will take you home.  The home that you never left.  It will take you there beyond the dream.  Beyond the illusion of being a contained, limited body-mind.”

“That is the divine path.  That is the high road.  The path to the only reality. To the one reality.  The reality of consciousness…The divine reality.  The reality of God.”

Everything else Louise, is a spinning of the mind.  You can spin the mind for 100s of years, it will not take you a step closer to causeless peace and happiness.”

But once you have a revelation to your true nature, and you come unto the teachings…care for them, like you care for a newborn baby, or like you care for a new kitty, or like you care for your guests when you invite them over to your house for dinner.”

“Take good care of the little glitter…like when you are lost in a dark tunnel, and you are groping for a way out.  At some time you perceive a little glitter of light, you focus on that, and you continue to move towards it even thought it remains a glitter.  And in time it takes you to the daylight.”

Or like when you are trying to build a fire and you get a little ember of fire going, you’re very careful with it.  Very gentle with it so it doesn’t go off.  And as you take good care of it, it will be the way in which you ignite the fire.”

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