Skipping Stones on the Path

Tonight, while watching another great YouTube video about Awareness and Presence, I started to feel a little unsettled.

Something inside was telling me to stop skipping over stones along the path and to get back to the process of caring for and loving each and every step along the way.

Every single stone encountered wants to be cherished and nurtured until all the contemplations are integrated and assimilated.

So for the next few weeks I am going to stay away from viewing too many videos, and I am going to stick with the practice of gaining balance on the current location until I feel stable and ready to move to the next position.

This last summer I was fortunate enough to find a teacher of non-duality named Magdi Badawy. The best part is he is local to me, and is very generous with his time.

Almost every Sunday Magdi hosts a gathering for Satsong to interested ‘truth lovers’ and friends. Also, mid-week, Magdi often makes himself available on-line, using ‘Google Hangout’ sessions, for additional questions and inquiries.

So my current plan is to allow all that was received during the weekly sharing to sink in and integrate before jumping to the next stepping stone.

And who knows, maybe the next stone I don’t skip is the last stone I ever Land on!

Here is a video of last weeks on-line gathering…

7:06 “There is never more than one thought on deck.”

8:20 “What might be troubling you, behind the scene, is the idea or maybe the feeling that there is some danger…something might occur to you that something is threatening.”

9:37 What is it that’s threatening and what is it that is being threatened?”

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