I Am Fundamentally Unknowable

“You are Perfect” Benjamin Smythe, interviewed by Teresa Arrieta

This is a fantastic interview about the “experience” of awakening. There are many hidden gems in this video. The more I listen/watch this video, the more (less) I get out of it

5:25 “tell us more about this quiet place you just were talking about.” – nice editing Teresa 🙂

6:21 “everything passes through, except for you”

8:30 “but this is another one of those stories…for some people there is no story, there is just sort of a shift, or gradual change…all of our stories are just stories.”

10:57 “nothing happens to a person.  what seems to happen is the sense of a person being personal, just disappears.”

12:37 to paraphrase life becomes quieter in some ways, and simultaneously way more intense.

15:48 “because what is looking, is what you’re looking for”


About beliefpatrol

just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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