no self to wake up

if the individual self really is just a thought, and there is no actual individual self, then that means that the individual self can’t “do” anything to get there.

and if there is no individual self, then the individual self never has “done” anything ever.  how could something that does not exist “do” anything?

so all the “doing” that is actually done, is done by awareness, or done by the universe, or done by…dare is say, God!?

so those speakers like Tony Parsons, that say “nothing can be done by the individual to get to self realization” are right.  they are right because there is no individual self there doing anything anyway.

but they are wrong too because if doing is being done, it is god doing it and not the individual doing it.  so anything done to try to realize our true nature is done by God.

so, it is true that individual i’s can’t do anything to get there.  but ‘efforting’ to get there is not a waste of time because it is God ‘efforting’ to get there.

God surely can recognize itself if God wants to, right?


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just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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