the individual i is like a dog begging for food

disclaimer – the following is just a metaphor.  i am a dog lover and i would never want my dog to wonder off and leave me 🙂

but,  it is almost as if the little i, the sense of the individual self that gets hurt and offended, is like a dog begging for food.  if i feed that dog (allow the sense of self to get angry and react), that dog will keep coming around to beg for more.  if i ignore that dog and do not give him treats, that dog will leave and search elsewhere for food.  at first that dog may come back occasionally and beg again. but eventually that dog will learn there is no food here and it will wonder off for good.

again, i am a serious dog lover, so don’t get the impression that i want my dog to leave…but i do feel this is a great metaphor for the process of not feeding the sense of the individual i. which then leads to the ‘individual i sense’ to wonder off in search for food.  and what is then revealed is more and more of our true natural self 🙂


“please feed me and i will keep reminding you of all the transgressions against you!”


About beliefpatrol

just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. Good perspective, but for me, being a dog is the higher being – so not too sure where that fits in, my take on it is if someone rubs you on your sweet spot and you start moving your hind leg then there is no work left to do, except chase your tail and love unconditionally.
    I think it seems that I may be the one “begging for scraps”. Peace, Harlon

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