thank god for dogs!

after watching this video i realized that if it weren’t for dogs in this world, i would not have known what love was in the lost years.  even at my darkest, loneliest, most anxious, ‘tired of being a personal me’ times, dogs always allowed the love to shine through. seriously, for years i felt no love and didn’t even know what love was…except for when i interacted with a dog.

thank god for the silent transmission of love that dogs emit loud and clear!

this video almost makes me want to cry tears of love 🙂

cute dog eating


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just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. Hi Karin, Thanks so much for visiting my blog “The Kingdom” and your liking my post about 2015. It’s nice to meet you on the Blogosphere 🙂 All the best and God bless, Jo.

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  2. Yep, there were a few misty moments of joy. Where would I be without the unconditional love and best friend ever of my dog Otis. It just hasn’t been the same without him, but damn he gave me a billion great, hilarious memories. I think that’s love. Harlon

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