Rupert Spira – How Do I Know Consciousness is Universal, Infinite and Unlimited?

This is a very clear sharing.  Rupert Spira takes the mystery out of the experience of awareness.  It is not mystical, it is logical actually.  But it cant be ‘seen’ with the intellect.

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  1. I am always a bit cautious when a title starts with “How do I know…” Whatever it is I am exploring or learning about or becoming aware that I have already explored it or learned it or am always in that process, I find it to be a personal experience – language confines our experience and sharing those experiences feels or sounds awkward sometimes (for me) – I confessed that I zoned in and out of this a fair bit – then it ended so perfectly, whatever it is that we are doing – it should be an interesting, enjoyable, fun adventure. I like that as the foundation and from there, off I go into the wild blue wander…Thanks for leading the way. Peace, Harlon P.S. I can’t figure out how the chat aspect of Google Plus works – it would be nice to chat back and forth on this at some point – the next interesting, enjoyable, fun adventure.

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