Francis Lucille – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

this video is full of fantastic gems!

16:33 “the problem is when we say ‘the wave experiences.’  the wave doesn’t experience.  consciousness experiences the wave.”

48:21 “you think.  but thoughts don’t think. thoughts are thought. therefor you are not a thought. you are not the I thought.”

-i will add more gems as i go back and listen again and again…

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just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. Hello, OK listening to this, I am not too sure if I do grasp the concept at all. I suppose it’s the way the concepts are delivered but I found this absolutely painful. It’s complex but it’s not but it is and I felt this dialogue was set up so that i felt trapped and that there was no escaping whatever it is they were talking about. Give me a D- on this one. Cheers mate, Harlon

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