do not trust the “person” that registers

 Lisa Cairnes – “what was always wanted was this moment”

33m50s “but life will do its little dance like it always does…but it will begin to be seen by no one that more and more…that what was always wanted, was this moment.”

34m46s “that person that registers going between the two is not a friend. that person that registers going between the two is still the sense of self. so dont trust even that register. there is not even a you there to trust it or not, but that one thats registering the difference is still somebody. its not you.  its not telling the truth in any way…the one that registers…the one that registers the difference is just thought energy. and it doesnt matter.

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just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. I just deleted a rather long comment – I suspect you may notice a trail of likes on your blog, they are signs of gratitude and they may also act as breadcrumbs for me in case I need to find my way back and if by chance you hear a loud explosion somewhere in the Great Lakes Region of Ontario, it was my brain. I would like to thank you for introducing me to all of “this” and I am enjoying all that it “is”. Peace, Harlon

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    • So glad you like this stuff. I stopped for a while but got back into it about a year ago. It is my passion now. I am lucky because over the last 6 months I have met many teachers in person. I have met Lisa Cairnes at a gathering not 10 minutes from my house. I visit Magdi nearly every week. The more I do this the more amazing synchronicites I am seeing. They hardly surprise me any more, but I still love them! I am getting more and more glimpses. If you ever have any question feel free to reach out. I still never tire talking about this stuff 🙂

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      • Thank you, I do have questions, I may take you up on your offer. Asking myself the questions can send me into a loop and my attraction to getting myself into those loops and out of those is something I would like to challenge. My frying pan has gotten a bit too familiar with the fire 🙂

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      • I am on Google plus if you want to chat just just let me know. same name beliefpatrol.

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