give up “wants” and “desires” – instructions not for the little i at all

last night i had an experience of extreme frustration.  there was a knowing that the little i could not do anything to get to the place of no self, to the experience of enlightenment.  there was a knowing that the little i can never get there.  it wanted to get there, but knew it was impossible to get there…from the little me.

i wanted to “do” something to get there, but realized “doing” can’t get us there.  it was very frustrating.  there was a deep knowing that the little i can’t get there, it never will and never can.  nothing can be “done” to get there.  see this Unmani video

3:55 “awareness can’t be viewed because who would be viewing it? awareness isn’t an object, it’s the subject.”

5:03 “anything that isn’t permanent isn’t reliable.”

i guess this is why there are teachings that say give up all ‘wants’ and ‘desires.’  because ‘wants’ and ‘desires’ are from the little me.  

that teaching is not an instruction for the little me to awaken.  that instruction is to stop giving the little me life.  that instruction is not “for” the little me at all.

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just a person suffering from the personal dilemma of being a person :-)

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  1. I could connect with the gentlemen’s frustration of capturing the experience of “awareness” and putting it into words. I think for me that is a big part of exploring “being” is that it just is. I particularly liked the line “it gets tricky when thinking gets clever”,I thought that captured how at times this “process” is challenging. I guess that’s really big for me is words like “process” “awareness” and particularly “spirituality” can be loaded or at the very least multi-layered. The notion of CLARITY is something I particularly like – or at least I like that word. Have you read Clarity by Jamie Smart?
    Onward I go….your brother from another Mother, Harlon.

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    • I didnt realize you have been into this stuff for so long Harlon. I never heard of that book. My current practice (it changes all the time) is to really allow and feel my emotions. The ones that I have repressed and denied my whole life. The ones that I ran from and wanted to escape. the ones that drove me to this path to begin with. But when I allow them some amazing things have been happening!

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      • That sounds very exciting. You are welcome to share or that may not be something you need or this may not be the place that you want to do that in. I don’t expect you to fill in any blanks and akin to yourself, my practices change. Following your postings is a new course for me – it will be interesting to see what happens, some of it is happening now whatever it is, it is. Or not? Either way, I do feel a pleasant connection. Peace, Harlon


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